Disclosures about authors, site content, and Satori Insights

The views expressed by the authors of the articles on Satori Insights are their own views, and should not be taken as representative of any other organization.

Commentary on macroeconomic trends, market moves and microstructure is just that: opinion and commentary. Even where we express views as to the likely future direction of markets and securities prices, market participants should do their own research and form their own opinions. Neither the authors nor Satori Insights can be responsible for any failure of markets to held perform as expected.

Before entering any financial exposure, you should consider carefully whether it fits your own financial status, risk and return preferences – which may be very different from those the authors had in mind when expressing their opinions. For this reason, making any investment decision by relying solely on the information presented by Satori Insights is not recommended, and may not bring about outcomes that fit your expectations.

Authors can and do hold positions in securities they comment on, or in potentially correlated funds or other instruments.

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